Boardstation updates

Boardstation used to look like this, and as cool as that was, there needed to be more speed. So, here’s a video about My affecting that speed and provisioning those changes:

And that should explain what I’m trying to achieve. New release maybe later today or tomorrow morning.

DSPplug silverhawk EQ – Alpha download

Hi all, here’s the new smoking hot silverhawk EQ alpha download.

Newest version:

DSPplug silverhawk V1-1 alpha
Downloads: 6, File Size: 14.0 MB, Added: 12 May. 2020

Previous version:

DSPplug Silverhawk ALPHA
Downloads: 26, File Size: 14.2 MB, Added: 10 May. 2020
And here’s a Youtube video showing the CPU usage of the Silverhawk CPU:

Photo Follow Up – New Custom Hats

So, I’m getting three different custom caps from

here’s the latest image I’ve received from their customer service and they’ve been helpful and efficient. They even emailed Me and replied during the weekend, which is convenient.

Here’s the image they sent Me:

It’s a digital Mockup, so when it is all stitched up it will be straight.

I’m also getting Canadian leafs on the back of the hat.

Update: 04 /14 /2020

Here’s a picture of all three caps and the three caps under.


So, is a secure, frienldy and professional service that takes the time to get every order right and I highly recommend them.

Thanks again to Robert, the Manager who walked Me through My purchase and presented Me with many options I’d not known of towards My purchase.

I also added a Canadian leaf symbol embroidered to the back of each hat.

I highly recommend the the services of and I’m a happy customer.



KVR Design resource #3 (03/18/2020)

covid 19 is a downer, maybe these three new knobs will cheer you up.

LA - CCBY - Knob 11
Downloads: 7, File Size: 233.6 KB, Added: 18 Mar. 2020

LA CCBY - Knob 12-2
Downloads: 8, File Size: 237.8 KB, Added: 18 Mar. 2020

LA CCBY - Knob 13
Downloads: 5, File Size: 232.5 KB, Added: 18 Mar. 2020


Added this new version of #12:

LA CCBY - Knob 12 - dark BG compatible
Downloads: 4, File Size: 255.6 KB, Added: 18 Mar. 2020

It works a lot better with a darker background.

here’s a video of that:


KVR Design resource #2 (03/15/2020)

So, as promised here’s more knobs. Next week it will be a full UI kit.

They’re all CCBY attribution. Details are inside each zip as well as the necessary .knob files to be used with knobman.

LA - CCBY - Knob 6
Downloads: 13, File Size: 238.0 KB, Added: 15 Mar. 2020

LA - CCBY - Knob 7
Downloads: 8, File Size: 469.9 KB, Added: 15 Mar. 2020

LA - CCBY - Knob 8
Downloads: 8, File Size: 473.2 KB, Added: 15 Mar. 2020

LA - CCBY - Knob 9
Downloads: 10, File Size: 168.7 KB, Added: 15 Mar. 2020

LA - CCBY - Knob 10
Downloads: 10, File Size: 359.8 KB, Added: 15 Mar. 2020

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Flowstone resource #1: Optimization Kit

Here’s a great optimization kit from VSTplug, it has a bunch of stuff from Exonerate, Sam Mungall, Dozius, Myself and Skore.

In this kit you’ll find:

  • stereo width that adds no gain when it is used (VSTplug, Dozius, Trogluddite)
  • an optimized ceiling limiter that uses next to no CPU (VSTplug, ???,  Sam Mungall, Barak)
  • a great optimized VCA linear DB ASM example by Sam Mungall and optimized by Barak
  • various linear to db and db to linear converters made by Exonerate (Thomas Chatfield)
  • an automatic crossfader (VSTplug)
  • A tester (Trogluddite, VSTplug)
  • A vector rocker switch (VSTplug)

This is one of the most useful kits you can find for Flowstone, enjoy 🙂

Download server 1:

Vstplug Optimizing
Downloads: 70, File Size: 1.1 MB, Added: 08 Mar. 2020





New Free drum sampler (VSTplug beat)

It’ll be hot and it might be out in a few days.

You’ll love it; it’ll be simple but not too simple and it will use like no CPU. Just as efficient as Plogue sforzando. I figured out an algorithm that prevents a sampler from using too much memory.

It’ll be boss; till then.
King OZ


KVR Design resource #1 (06/03/2020)

KVR post url:


LA - CCBY - Knob 1
Downloads: 10, File Size: 289.5 KB, Added: 06 Mar. 2020


LA - CCBY - Knob 2
Downloads: 9, File Size: 246.2 KB, Added: 06 Mar. 2020


LA - CCBY - Knob 3
Downloads: 9, File Size: 413.2 KB, Added: 06 Mar. 2020


LA - CCBY - Knob 4
Downloads: 12, File Size: 370.4 KB, Added: 06 Mar. 2020


LA - CCBY - Knob 5
Downloads: 12, File Size: 292.8 KB, Added: 06 Mar. 2020

You can use these in any commercial projects, just credit Me. Details about doing that can be found in the zip files above.

King OZ


Picture Mocking

So, recently I was photo mocked, because I’d used a free CC0 (public domain) and legal image found here:

And I thought it was a way to save money. I used photoshop and put My head on top, I guess I should have paid for a suit. But I mean I make audio plugins; this is a hobby that doesn’t always pay money; where am I going to get a good photo and a nice suit in a nice setting?

Oh well, it’s not a big deal I guess. So, from now on I’ll post a real image, even though I’m not vain and really only have a few. I really have never wanted to look at other people’s memes, pictures or photos of their going-on’s.

The thing is, would anyone put this guy’s image on your site? Wouldn’t people expect that you’d use it for photoshopping? I mean, He’s a nice looking man; wouldn’t you like to pretend that this man from a public domain free to use image is working for your company or with you? I dunno, but I make audio stuff and I don’t care. In fact if someone better at photoshop than I am offered to splice Me into a star trek uniform; I’d be down with that; maybe like the old red Chekov uniform, groovy.

Here’s the original:

and the edit:

EDIT: So, I had some custom hats made, I’ll take some photos wearing them. Here’s the article: