The king oz records EQ provides the ability to do more with an EQ but it is currently in an beta state.

The beta however is fully functional and you are welcome to make commercial music with it.

The king OZ records EQ has these features:

  • NEDF pre filter (gets rid of minute hiss and harshness).
  • De-Hiss.
  • De-Wind (for noise from air circulation devices).
  • Mono to stereo (H Lauridsen technique) with phase cancellation option.
  • RBJ HP.
  • Ellipse 12th order HP.
  • RBJ LP x 2.
  • Peaking Filters x 5.
  • LU analyzer.
  • Brickwall limiter /w saturation.
  • 4 band stereo width controller.
  • innate zero latency support.
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