VSTplug is a solution to a programmer’s dilemma,
and that is being able to rely upon a scalable collection,
a private assortment og various methods, scripts and schematics able to
enhance and assist in the art of making a good VST plugin.
This is not limited to things such as resizable vst’s, language support,
touch screen input and mousewheel support.
Large companies fund and pay for programmers and programming firms to solve such dillemas
and for the individual, small company this is too difficult.

VSTplug is comprised of the three companies:

Fanan Team Pro
Fanan Team specializes in making instruments especially for niche markets.
By primarily staying away from the mainstream synths and instruments commonly available; Fanan Team Pro
hopes to provide a unique and creative means by which unique music can be created.
Check out Fanan Team Pro music solutions:
Infected Sounds
In contrast to Fanan Team, DJ Brynte creates primarily EDM samplers, synths and instruments geared towards
making popular music in the popular genres. His instruments are not limited to being used to create hiphop,
future bass, chill house, house, synthwave and especially Melbourne style Bounce.
Check out the inexpensive and uncomprimising creations by infected sounds:
King OZ Records
Le Attol, the owner of King Oz Records realized early in the craft of making music that so many challenges awaited
the un initiated individual and spent countless hundreds in the hopes of putting together a viable software studio.
However, quality and grandiose promises left their mark and King OZ went about learning audio engineering so as to make
the real thing himself. Ultimately it was partly the inspiration behind starting VSTplug, to sell plugins and to
create a group of competent, exciting programmers with which to share the spoils and enduring friendships.
This site is still under construction, but You are welcome to download our Desktop Background should you feel you like the style:
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